Michael Angerman

zratomedia AT gmail DOT com


For the past seven years I have been actively involved in building large scale internet applications that run on Amazon EC2 in Node, Ruby, Python, and Java


2012 - 2014
Big Data Analytics
  • Software architecture which handles 1,000,000+ events per day
  • REST Api that serves up multiple data feeds across 1000+ customers
  • All of the data is funneled through RabbitMQ
  • Redis serves as the backend for the Spinnakr Data Service
  • Front end is based on Ruby on Rails, Backbone, and D3 for the graphics.
Arcadian Group
2011 - 2012
Founder and CEO
  • open source search based on Lucene and Elastic Search
  • large scale web applications based on Angular, Backbone, and D3 for the graphics.
  • search through and visualize vast amounts of data from different data feeds
  • Redis serves as the backend cache for all of the data.
California Institute of Technology
2008 - 2010
Bioinformatics Stem Cell Research
  • Design and implementation of CRdata in both Python and Ruby
  • Deploy distributed computing web application to Amazon Web Services
  • REST protocol with multiple worker machines talking back to a Queue
  • Data modeling and visualization in the fields of biological and genetic data
  • DNA, RNA, Genes and Proteins surrounding intracellular membrane bounded organelles specifically the mitochondria, ER, and Golgi apparatus.
  • Historical data sets in the arena of stem cell research and fundamental and technical analysis on these principal components.
Volunteer English Teacher
  • Taught English to local Ecuadorians who were interested in studying.
  • Studied Spanish at different language schools and with private teachers.
  • Learned about the Andean culture while touring the rural highlands.
Justice Systems
2005 - 2007
Member of Technical Staff
  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Javascript, iText
  • Design and Implementation of a Large Internet Application
  • Web based Accounting System Using Double Ledger Entries
Albuquerque Institute For Mathematics and Science
2003 - 2005
  • Founded charter school with the Mayor of Albuquerque and an educator.
  • Responsible for board selection, hiring teachers, and site selection
  • Science and math curriculum
Vitria Technology
1997 - 2002
Software Engineering
  • Architecture, design, and implementation of five new Vitria products.
  • Managing small teams of software developers
  • Sales, marketing, consulting, training in the early days of the company
Sun Microsystems
1996 - 1997
Java Consulting for Fortune 100 companies
  • Original member of Sun's Java Consulting Group
  • Helped grow Sun's consulting group from 1 to 50 members working for large Fortune 500 companies.
Santa Fe Institute
1989 - 1996
Researcher in Chaos and Complex Systems
  • Time series prediction applied to the equity markets.
  • Automated financial trading systems.
  • Fractal geometry applied to economic data.
Computing Research Laboratory
1987 - 1992
Graduate Fellow in Machine Learning
  • Neural network design on a 64 node hypercube.
  • Natural language and image processing research.
  • Natural Language Front Ends to Banking Systems
  • Team lead on the acquisition of a small AI Company
  • Assembly language programming on a 16 bit microprocessor.
  • Communications bus between vacuum system and central controller.

Caltech Graduate Course Work in Biology
Nmsu Completed Course Work for PhD. in Computer Science
Tulane Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering


Bioinformatics   Cloud Computing and Resource Sharing for R and Bioconductor


Ruby - The current release of Spinnakr is written in Ruby.
Node - Multiple projects of mine have been written in Node
Python - The original version of CRdata was written in Python using Django.
Java - Android plus original member of Sun's Java Consulting Group in 1996.